Information for Grandparents

Information for Grandparents

The Solutions for Tuition Grandparent Plan is our most economically priced Plan. It includes strategies to:


  • Give Your Children a Nudge to Plan Your Grandchildren's Education.
    Let's face it - the baby boomers are spenders, not savers. How should a grandparent give them a gentle nudge in the right direction?
  • Create a Tax Scholarship
  • Choose the Correct Gifting Strategy.
    Which is right for your family? A 529 Plan? A UGMA/UTMA account? Real Estate? Insurance? The choices can be overwhelming, but it is important that you choose correctly.
  • Gift to a Grandchild without Endangering a Financial Aid Award.
    An improperly made gift can destroy a financial aid award.
  • Gifting to Multiple Grandchildren.
    Setting up individual accounts is not always the best choice. What if a grandchild decides not to go to college?

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